Reactor Trip Switch

The Sartrex Reactor Trip Switch is one of the most critical elements in the CANDU Main Control Room system. It provides for a manual shutdown for the reactor in a controlled fashion. The operator may shut down one of each of the channels at a time or select the ‘Trip’ function to shut down all channels at once. The majority of the trip functions are automatic being generated by the safety shutdown system and this switch is the main means of a manual trip or shutdown.

The Sartrex Reactor Trip Switch is an excellent example of the company’s reverse engineering expertise. Sartrex designed this switch in response to a direct customer requirement for a high quality replacement for obsolete field units. Over time, the switch has become the standard for new OEM control panel systems.

The switch assembly consists of three modular switches. Each individual switch corresponds directly to each channel D, E & F. An internal mechanical bridge allows the TRIP lever to activate all channels simultaneously.

Sartrex manufactures the switch in two versions. One version is for Safety Shutdown System 1 (SDS 1) and one version is for Safety Shutdown System 2 (SDS 2). The unit for SDS l incorporates three Honeywell switches as the switching units, and the unit for SDS-2 incorporates three Asea-Brown Boveri (ABB) switches as its switching units.


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