Instrumentation and Control Systems

Sartrex has been providing engineering solutions to the nuclear and other power industries for over 35 years. Our team at Sartrex has been dedicated to providing our customers high quality, reliable products to help service a huge variety of technological demands. With an in-house engineering team consisting of electrical, design, computer and mechanical engineers, Sartrex, along with its huge business network, has a huge advantage in delivering custom made manufacturing and design solutions.

Our core business continues to stem from our power control systems base. Since our inception to the present we continue to provide high quality instrumentation solutions for CANDU Nuclear Reactors around the world. Our nuclear safety focus differentiates ourselves from many custom manufacturing companies. We are certified under the highest level of international quality standards- ISO 9001.2008, and CSA Z299.2. Our continuous interaction with the power generation and instrumentation control industry has led us to become well versed in all forms of quality standards/practices which will ensure our clients the highest level of quality assurance. All of our systems are subjected to seismic, environmental and performance testing (among others which can be specified by clients) according to approved test procedures prior to shipping.

Along with our experienced team of engineers, our production and manufacturing team is vital to our operations. Our Company has a team of PCB assemblers that are continuously trained in quality standards which include IPC-A-600, IPC-A-610, EPRI CGD guidelines, as well as a number of military level standards. We also have a fully licensed radiation lab which contains over 50 isotopes that can be used to test radioactive effects on all of our instruments.

Being as vertically integrated as we are, Sartrex has the flexibility to design and build a tangible solution from a set of very simple to very complex technical specifications. Our proven track record in prototyping and reverse engineering has helped companies around the world make their conceptual designs into reality.

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