Case Studies

Advanced Digital Control Centre

The Sartrex Advanced Digital Control Centre represents a giant leap forward in the control of power generation facilities. Sartrex, in partnership with AECL, designed this complex system and currently manufactures and markets it worldwide.The stringent requirements imposed by such standards as ISO9001:2008 and CSAZ299.2 enable this system to operate in all types of power plants, including heavy water nuclear, light water nuclear, coal, gas and others. Its flexible software display engine allows for easy customization to different plant configurations. Its modular design also enables customers to select elements of the system for new installations or selective plant upgrades. For example, they may choose to upgrade the large screen display, and software, and use existing operating desks, or any other similar scenario.

Dockside Radiation Monitoring System

The Dockside Radiation Monitoring System is a custom designed radiation detection system that is positioned beside visiting Nuclear Powered Vessels (NPVs) to measure gamma radiation. A Base Station and up to 3 Remote Monitors inland continuously monitor any gamma radiation emanating from the NPV lf radiation from the NPV increases beyond a preset level, the system goes into alarm mode and initiates the Nuclear Emergency Response process.

This system has been installed at three sites in Canada: Canadian Forces Bases at Halifax and Esquimalt, as well as at the Maritime Engineering Test Range, at Nanoose Harbour, BC. The DMS is an integrated system which consists of a sensor—and- alarm-suite (SAS) for radiation detection and a base station (BS) for remotely monitoring, analyzing and displaying dosimetry measurements. Radiation data captured at the dockside by the highly sensitive SAS sensors are transmitted to the BS communication hub (CH), and then to several remote monitors (RMs) located in the local area at National Defense Headquarters, all using standard telephony technology.

Health Canada – Dosimeter

Auto Load and Unload Machines are being used by Health Canada to record the amount of radiation, a person working within the parameters of radioactive equipment, has contracted over a period of time. Each holder, which is identified by name and number, has a TLD card insert which absorbs the radiation. Both the machines have a rotary indexing system where six workstations are positioned around a circular table to:

  • Remove a full plaque holder from a magazine
  • Extract the insert and plaque from that holder
  • Scan the barcodes on the plaque and holder simultaneously
  • Extract the plaque from the insert pocket and place it in a magazine
  • Replace the insert back in its magazine
  • Place the holder and empty insert back into a magazine

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