Commercial Grade Dedication

Sartrex is one of the pioneers in performing Commercial Grade Dedication in Canada. Commercial Grade Dedication is an acceptance process that is performed to provide reasonable assurance that a Commercial Grade item is indeed capable of performing its basic safety related function. Utilities all over Canada use this process to ensure reliability and quality before the component/product is used in operations.

This assurance is achieved by identifying the Critical Characteristics of the component to be tested. The framework behind this process is the EPRI NP-5652 (Electrical Power Research Institute) and ASME NQA-1 requirements which outline the Special Tests and Functions

This acceptance process is undertaken to provide reasonable assurance that a CGI to be used as a basic component will perform its intended safety function and, in this respect, is deemed equivalent to an item designed and manufactured under a 10 CFR Part 50, Appendix B, quality assurance program. This assurance is achieved by identifying the critical characteristics of the item and verifying their acceptability by inspections, tests, or analyses by the purchaser or third-party dedicating entity.

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