Electronics Prototyping

Sartrex is a leading custom electronics design and manufacturing company with years of experience in electronics prototyping. With most custom design electronics, prototyping is a critical phase of product development. To qualify the prototype, Sartrex performs various tests according to the design technical specifications, including acceptance tests, electromagnetic interference tests, and seismic tests.

During the prototyping phase iterations on design and the physical prototype may be required. Sartrex has dedicated Engineering team and professional production team that will work with clients to ensure the turnaround time on re-designs is at a minimal while still maintaining strict quality assurance guidelines.

Sartrex offers a range of services that are required for a success exit for the prototyping phase of product development:

  • Through-hole Electronics assembly
  • Surface-mount Electronics assembly
  • Mechanical / Housing manufacturing
  • Wire harness fabrication
  • Overall product assembly
  • Strict Quality testing
  • Standards Qualifying

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