About Sartrex

Sartrex Power Control Systems Inc. of Concord Ontario, Canada is a high-technology Instrumentation Company supplying custom designed control and safety instrumentation for nuclear power generation, military and security related markets, and scientific laboratories.  Its instrumentation covers a wide range of applications including; control and safety instrumentation, radiation monitoring, computerized process control systems, scientific automation projects, and security devices and military equipment for the international marketplace.

Sartrex participates in the supply of pressure boundary products for nuclear reactors, provides commercial grade dedication services for a wide variety of parts and electronic components, and undertakes reverse engineering for non-available parts and equipment.

Sartrex provides high quality engineered products using its registered quality systems.  Sartrex is registered to ISO-9001:2008, CSA Z299.2, and is authorized for work by the Technical Safety Standards Association (TSSA).  Sartrex also maintains manufacturing and calibration licenses from the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission for the manufacture and testing of radiation devices.

Sartrex is an integrated company complete with research and development, engineering, marketing, production and manufacturing.  It’s staff are highly qualified and experienced and undertakes difficult
and complex projects and manufacturing, maintaining all applicable standards, and codes.

Our mission is to be a global leader for innovation and creativity and to lead the industry with cutting edge technology.

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