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Jay Sarkar, Founder President and CEO is pleased to announce that despite the many unexpected challenges we faced together with our clients, our company performed well during the year. The total confirmed backlog to date is currently larger than ever before in our history, despite our accelerated shipments in the fiscal year 2020 and the challenges we faced with the pandemic.

The world changed when the COVID-19 global pandemic arrived, by the beginning of March, we knew, like every other organization – the pandemic reality would bring an entirely new set of challenges, requiring a swift response. We committed to three very specific and clear objectives:

  1. To protect our people and their families;
  2. To continue to support our clients with high throughput; and
  3. Never compromise the quality of our products

Throughout the year, we sustained our commitment to delivering the highest standards of quality for our clients. We continue to implement new training, tools and technology in our pursuit of even-higher quality results for our clients.

During the year we significantly optimized and streamlined our inventory operations utilizing the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, in order to effectively support our manufacturing strategy. In addition, I am happy to report that our ERP system is successfully integrated into our operations. Our ERP system utilizes best practice standards and tools and helps our managers obtain real time statuses of project progress, track and effectively manage performance, and to develop scenarios in order to mitigate delays and more efficiently plan project tasks based on current resource allocation.

As we look ahead, we are identifying products, technologies, and services that Sartrex can diversify into, leveraging our unique manufacturing and technical capabilities. In this way, the company would transform its business using the existing business foundation to expand the domain and scope of its business.

All design and manufacturing activities happen in Canada at our local GTA facility.  Sartrex operates within a 45000 sq. ft. fully integrated facility in Concord, Ontario and is registered to ISO 9001:2015, ASME NQA-1 and Z299.1/N299.2.

Our goal is to remain a global leader in custom design instrumentation and safety related technologies that are meant to safeguard the public’s health and safety. Sartrex is determined to continue to operate in a way that advances this objective, without compromise.

For details, please contact our highly experienced sales team at (905) 669-2278 ext. 227, 394 and 249 or log on to our website for further information.

Kindest regards,

Jay Sarkar, P.Eng
Founder, President & CEO
Sartrex Power Control Systems Inc.
905-669-2278 EXT: 266
Servicing the Nuclear Industry for Over 40 Years!

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