Promotion: Abby Ghosh to the position of Purchasing Manager

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Jay Sarkar, President & CEO is pleased to announce the promotion of Abby Ghosh to the position of Purchasing Manager for Sartrex Inc. which includes Sartrex core business as well as Markfer Canada Thermoforming Ltd. As Purchasing Manager, Abby’s duties will include the following:

  • Interpret and implement the purchasing policy
  • Identify material needs for both core and Markfer businesses
  • Procure raw materials, parts, components and other supplies from the right source, at the right time and right price
  • Access all quotations from various suppliers and place all orders based on competitive price and on time delivery basis
  • Have access to suppliers invoices, check the price and authorize payments
  • Liaise on with other departments and maintain a co-operative relationship to to facilitate specification of material required
  • Ability to develop and maintain business contacts and goodwill in order to anticipate supply difficulties and resolve when arises
  • Ability to bargain effectively and negotiate favourable terms with suppliers
  • A knowledge of human behaviour and ability to work with others

In this position, he will report to Haresh Bulsara, Director of Planning & Manufacturing effective Aug 9, 2011.

We all at Sartrex and Markfer wish him all the success in his new position.

Jay Sarkar, P.Eng
President & CEO

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