Sc-595 Stack Sample Collector

The Scintrex Model SC-595 Stack Sample Collector collects particulate and radioiodine constituent samples from air in the ventilation stack of a reactor building. An integral pump draws a sample of the ventilation stack air through isokinetic sampling nozzles. As the air sample travels through the system, two removable filter elements trap particulate and radioiodine constituent matter. The outlet of the pump returns the sample airstream to the stack. The system operator removes the filter element on a weekly basis and sends it to a laboratory for analysis.

While the pump draws air through the system, the system provides displays of the sample flow rate and stack gas velocity. Indication lamps on the console of the system provide a visual indication of alarm conditions. There are separate lamps for each of the alarm conditions. A pair of contacts, initiated by any of the alarms, provides for transmission of a general alarm to a remote control panel.


  • Clear LED readout of Sample and Stack Flow
  • Heavy Duty Vane Type Vacuum Pump
  • Stainless Steel Tubing Throughout
  • Easy to change Particulate and Iodine Filters

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