Post Accident Communication System

The Sartrex Post Accident Communication System is an independent voice communication system for performing essential tasks during and after an emergency or accident, until the normal plant communication systems can be restored.

The system consists of two parallel small telephone exchanges with ten handsets each, for a total of twelve lines. The exchanges allow individual locations to communicate with each other, as well as a conference call facility amongst any three to twelve locations. The customer has a choice of desktop or wall type mounting handsets.

All handsets have a provision for plugging in an industrial type headset which fully covers the ears to eliminate outside noise. As well, a noise cancelling boom type microphone provides secure communications even under noisy conditions of up to 97db of background acoustic noise. The headsets have 3m of spiral cable to allow the workers to move around the control panel while talking with the operators or each other. In addition, there are 10m extension cords to allow the operators to reach more distant points. Each handset has a provision for connecting up to four remote headset jacks.

This system is seismically qualified and has a separate battery backup. The individual links are also optically isolated to prevent either a internally or externally caused failure. This isolation also prevents one link from disrupting any other link, and to prevent ground loops.

System Features:

  • 10 voice communication handsets
  • 10 voice communication headsets
  • Cabinet containing switching hardware
  • Optical isolators
  • Un-interruptible power supply system
  • Remote headset jacks
  • 10-10m headset extensions
  • Miscellaneous hardware such as speakers, strobe lights

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