Logic Relay Module

The Sartrex Logic Relay Modules are a direct replacement for the C.P. Clare HG3A-1008 relay modules. The modules and their chassis are mounted in cabinets in equipment rooms. Each module incorporates an 11 pin octal plug to interface to the mounting chassis.

Sartrex selected two C.P. Clare HGRZMT-5111-R05 relays as the replacement units to install in the modules. The coils of the relays are connected in parallel. Three of the available four Form D contacts are wired out to the connector pins at the bottom of the module to make it compatible to the original relay module. The coils for the new relay are wired so terminal 10 of the octal plug is positive and terminal 11 of the plug is negative.

Since the temperatures in these rooms may vary from 10°C to 50°C, Sartrex has qualified each unit according to a stringent temperature test. In addition the module has been qualified to operate in humidity conditions to 95% relative humidity.

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