Temperature Transmitter for RTDs

The Sartrex Temperature Transmitter System for Resistive Temperature Transmitters (RTDs) is an engineered solution to provide accurate temperature control of critical processes in a power generation facility. The main elements in each cabinet consist of Differential Temperature Transmitter Chassis, Single Temperature Transmitter Chassis, an ultra—stable dual DC power supply and associated support hardware.

The heart of both the Differential Temperature Transmitter Chassis and the Single Temperature Transmitter Chassis is an Analog Devices RTD input module.

Dual Power Supply

The dual DC Power supply provides an accurate source of power ensuring precise temperature readings. The power supply demonstrates remarkable performance with a 2mv maximum load and line regulation. In addition, the ripple and noise is a very low 30mV peak-to-peak measurement.

Differential Chassis

In the Differential Chassis, the RTD input modules are configured in pairs to compare two temperature readings and provide a difference reading. Each input module takes a temperature reading and a differential amplifier compares the two inputs providing an analog difference output. The output voltage is directly proportional to the temperature difference of the two inputs.

Single Chassis

In the Single Temperature Chassis, the modules are configured individually to measure a single reading. Each module takes an individual temperature reading and provides a voltage output directly proportional to the input temperature.

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