Control System Integration

Sartrex Power Control Systems specializes in integrating Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) into complex systems for Process Automation and Instrumentation. The company has an expert team of software engineers, electronic engineers and mechanical engineers who can design systems requiring the utmost in complexity and reliability. These engineers are capable of designing systems from the ground up, providing turnkey products for your needs. Many of the systems provided include industrial control computers and network switches. Most systems are housed in seismically qualified cabinets will survive the most rigorous operation environments.

The software engineers are capable of programming user friendly applications in both high and low level languages. They also use the latest graphic software tools for programming the PLCs. The electronic engineers use the latest computer aided design packages for schematic design as well as printed circuit layout. These engineers are adept at interfacing electronics with all types of transducers. Some examples are transducers to measure temperature, pressure, and motion. The mechanical engineers also rely on computer aided design software for mechanical modeling as well as document generation.

Sartrex is a world class organization with a quality program registered to ISO9001, and has a long tradition of supplying equipment of the highest quality to the most discerning of customers in the international marketplace, we also work with the best material suppliers, you can learn more about our favorite industrial rubber supplies here.


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