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I, Jay Sarkar, President and CEO of Sartrex am very pleased to announce the signing of the several engineering contracts in excess of $5 million.

By securing these orders for the fiscal year of 2016 and beyond, Sartrex’s current production backlog stands in excess of $5.5 million with our fourth quarter earnings doubling its previous quarter.

Sartrex understands the need and importance to continuously improve our ability to add value to our customers. In addition to major capital investments made to the operational side of our business in 2015, Sartrex has strategically mandated increased investment into innovative and forward thinking ideas/projects.

Since this new mandate has been put into place, Sartrex is pleased to announce several collaborative efforts with Universities and Aerospace experts into the development of safety and control systems that aim to protect the health and safety of human beings around the world. We are very proud to announce that The National Research Council (NRC) program and Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP) is currently supporting one of these projects with additional resources and expertise.

As always, our loyal and dedicated team is committed to ensuring that superior performance and reliability are embedded at every level of the value chain, in order to deliver the best possible products and services to our customers.

By expanding our expertise and continuously striving to improve all areas of our business, Sartrex is seeing immediate benefits into our design, qualification and manufacturing capabilities. Sartrex is a premier supplier of custom safety and control instrumentation that aims ensure our customers are getting the highest quality engineered products at a cost that is globally competitive.

For more details, please contact our highly experienced Sales team at (905) 669-2278 ext. 227 or 249. Or log on to our website at

Wishing everybody a happy and safe holiday!


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Jay Sarkar, P.Eng.

President and CEO

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