Relay Module Type II

The Sartrex Type II Relay modules are an excellent example of the Reverse Engineering capabilities of the company. Our engineering group, in conjunction with the utilities expended a large amount of time and resources to evaluate obsolete modules and develop a replacement module. The replacement Type II module features the same form, fit and function of the originally installed units.

Each module includes two 4 Form C relays, featuring high power bifurcated contacts. The current rating of the contacts is 5A.

The design incorporates a diode protection circuit at each input. In addition, the output circuit incorporates an RC network to ensure the relay outputs are protected against current surges from the load. This series of modules are designed, qualified and manufactured to our ISO 9001 and CSA Z299 Quality Assurance programs. During the manufacturing process, our Quality Assurance staff monitors the assembly at key hold points.

The Type II modules are seismically as well as environmentally qualified.


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