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I, Jay Sarkar, President & CEO of Sartrex Power Control Systems Inc is pleased to report the signing of several large contracts in excess of $3.3M.  Major orders received from KHNP, China, ES Fox, Romania and other utilities.

With the acquisition of these orders our current production backlog stands at $4.1M with our second quarter shipments significantly higher than its previous quarter.

I am also pleased to announce that Sartrex has entered into several partnership agreements with universities to further diversify our safety related portfolio.  Sartrex has also invested a lot of time and effort to ensure that our design and production capacity is scalable to accommodate our growing business, without sacrificing our high quality design and manufacturing standards.

I am also pleased to report that presently Sartrex is in critical stage of several negotiations with various utilities for refurbishment projects.  We are also working with Federal and Provincial Governments for research related projects to further our technology base.

Our loyal and dedication team is committed to ensuring that superior performance and reliability are embedded at every level of the value chain in order to deliver the best possible product and service to our customers. At Sartrex, every member understands that it is not just the responsibility of our QA team to uphold our quality vision, but it is the responsibility of everyone.

Our goal is to remain as a global leader in instrumentation and safety related technologies and looking for ways to improve and bring forth value to our quality management system.

For details please contact our highly experienced sales team at (905) 669-2278 ext 227 or 249 or you can log into our website at

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