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Jay Sarkar, President and CEO of Sartrex Power Control Systems Inc. is pleased to announce the signing of several orders in excess of $2.9 M from various nuclear utilities, non-nuclear products and government research facilities. Our backlog currently stands at approximately $5M with all confirmed orders scheduled to be delivered in fiscal 2013.

I am pleased to report a major initiative into our existing information system that allows our team a greater capability at forecasting, planning and customer relationship management. These initiatives are allowing our operations to become more scalable and reliable without sacrificing, but ensuring the quality of our instrumentation.  By establishing our process and implementing random quality audits our new and innovative approach has revolutionized Sartrex’s ability to deliver the highest quality control systems and safety equipment.

Sartrex is continuously meeting with new potential clients to see where we can leverage our design engineering expertise and unique, custom manufacturing capability to further grow our portfolio and customer base.

With our recent and continuous improvement initiatives we are proactively priming our operations to accommodate for a historic fiscal 2013. Our recent hires to aid in project management and quality assurance has further strengthened our human capital by their implementation of best practices and new innovative approaches to operational excellence.

We are very proud of what we have accomplished so far this year, but having said that, we will always strive to continuously improve to exceed the expectations of our clients.

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