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Enhanced CANDU 6 – Instrumentation and Control System | Safety Systems

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Enhanced CANDU 6 - Instrumentation and Control Systems

The I&C design ensures that the random failure of a single component does not result in the loss of an important safety or production function. Important functions use three instrument channels to provide immunity against single instrument faults. Modular redundancy is used to provide transparent failover for components such as DCS controllers, power supplies, and communication modules. Where enhanced cross-link protection is required, the same function is redundantly implemented in multiple independent channels with the outputs from each channel being supplied to separate voting logic. (1)
For over 30 years, Sartrex Power Control Systems has been an integral link in the CANDU Reactor supply chain. Sartrex Power Control Systems is committed to protecting the safety of nuclear power plant workers and the general public. In order to achieve excellence in product reliability, continuous improvement in both design and manufacturing processes is vital for Sartrex's wide selection of instrumentation and control systems. Sartrex's quality management system is based on our ISO 9001:2008, CSA Z299.2 and TSSA recognized certifications, which keep us compliant to the best, globally recognized, quality standards. All of our systems are subjected to stringent qualification requirements which demands the very best from our teams of quality and engineering personnel. Our products are used on the front line, in time critical environments. Our number one focus is to provide our customers with reliable safety solutions that will protect the lives of people in potentially dangerous situations. Every component counts, every detail counts, every process that is completed counts towards the protection capacity of our equipment. Our team of technical personnel has on average, 25 years of hands on experience. Being in this industry and other safety related markets for over 35 years, we understand that quality and reliability are key success factors and we are continually adapting and evolving our processes to meet the stringent, but very necessary requirements, of our customers.

"Quality is everyone's responsibility." W. Edwards Deming

Sartrex promises to continue to learn and apply the best possible quality management system to guarantee the reliability and dependability of our products.  

Enhanced CANDU 6 - Safety Systems

The reactor safety systems are designed to mitigate the consequences of plant process failures, and to ensure reactor shutdown, removal of decay heat, and prevention of radioactive releases. The safety systems in the EC6 design follow the traditional CANDU practice of providing (1):
  • Independent Shutdown Systems - SDS 1 & SDS 2
  • An Emergency Core Cooling System - ECC
  • A Containment System
  • Emergency Heat Removal System - EHRS
Sartrex Power Control Systems is in the business of designing, manufacturing, and implementing complete safety solutions for a wide range of clients.  From nuclear power stations to dockside radiation monitoring for the Canadian Defense Department, Sartrex looks forward to new opportunities to improve the safety and security of citizens in all countries.  The Enhanced CANDU Safety Shutdown System described below is just one example of Sartrex providing electronics expertise to secure the safety of plant workers and citizens around nuclear power plants around the world.  Sartrex's instrumentation and control systems are installed in Canada, Romania, Argentina, China, and South Korea.

Enhanced CANDU 6 Shutdown Systems

The EC6 reactor’s two passive, fast acting, fully capable, diverse shutdown systems are physically and functionally independent of each other. Shutdown System 1 consists of mechanical spring-assisted shutoff rods that drop by gravity into the reactor core when a trip signal de-energizes the clutches that hold the shutoff rods out of the reactor core. The design of the shutoff rods is based on the proven CANDU 6 design. Shutdown System 2 injects a concentrated solution of gadolinium nitrate into the moderator to quickly render the reactor core sub-critical, effectively stopping the fission chain reaction. The gadolinium nitrate solution is dispersed uniformly throughout the reactor with pressurized gas, thus maximizing the shutdown effectiveness. (1)(2)

Sartrex' Supply Experience for Shutdown System SDS1 & SDS2

Shutdown systems Cabinets (Group 2) - Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) - Wolsong 1,2,3,4 - Ontario Power Generation - Pickering & Darlington, Ontario, Canada - Bruce Power - Ontario, Canada - New Brunswick Hydro - New Brunswick, Canada - Hydro Quebec - Quebec, Canada - Cernavoda I - Romania - Cernavoda II - Romania - Embalse - Argentina - Qinshan 1 & 2 - China Ion Chamber Amplifier and trip Comparators (SDS-1 & SDS-2) - Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) - Wolsong 1,2,3,4 - Ontario Power Generation - Pickering & Darlington, Ontario - Bruce Power - Ontario - New Brunswick Hydro - New Brunswick - Hydro Quebec - Quebec - Cernavoda I - Romania - Cernavoda II - Romania (SDS-2) - Embalse - Argentina - Qinshan 1 & 2 - China
Trip Test/Alarm Control Buffer Amplifier (SDS-1) - Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) - Wolsong 1,2,3,4 - Ontario Power Generation - Pickering & Darlington, Ontario - Bruce Power - Ontario - New Brunswick Hydro - New Brunswick - Hydro Quebec - Quebec - Cernavoda I - Romania - Embalse - Argentina - Qinshan 1 & 2 - China In-Core / Trip Test / Alarm Control Buffer Amplifier (SDS-2) - Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) - Wolsong 1,2,3,4 - Ontario Power Generation - Pickering & Darlington, Ontario - Bruce Power - Ontario - New Brunswick Hydro - New Brunswick - Hydro Quebec - Quebec - Cernavoda I - Romania - Cernavoda II - Romania - Embalse - Argentina - Qinshan 1 & 2 - China
Reactor Trip Switches (SDS-1 & SDS-2) - Ontario Power Generation - Pickering & Darlington, Ontario - Bruce Power - Ontario Failed Fuel Location Systems - Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) - Wolsong 1,2,3,4 - Qinshan 1 & 2 - China
Post Accident Communication Systems - Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) - Wolsong 1,2,3,4 - Ontario Power Generation - Pickering & Darlington, Ontario - Bruce Power - Ontario - Qinshan 1 & 2 - China Shut-Off Rod Drop Logic Modules - Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) - Wolsong 1,2,3,4 - Ontario Power Generation - Pickering & Darlington, Ontario - Bruce Power - Ontario - Cernavoda I - Romania - Embalse - Argentina - Qinshan 1 & 2 - China
Multiple Room Tritium-in-Air Monitoring System - Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) - Wolsong 1,2,3,4 - Cernavoda I - Romania - Embalse - Argentina - Qinshan 1 & 2 - China Portable Tritium-in-Air Monitors - New Brunswick Hydro - New Brunswick

Enhanced CANDU 6 Control Center

The plant control centre makes extensive use of integrated digital technology to enhance the monitoring and supervisory control of functions, systems and equipment necessary for power production, and the monitoring of functions, systems and equipment important to safety. The main control room features a main operator console, with large video display units (VDUs) for plant overview and annunciation located to the front, and an array of panels, grouped by major system, located to the sides. The operator is normally situated at the main operator console where VDUs provide access to integrated plant information and controls for normal use. From here the operator also has access to historical data storage and retrieval facilities to support post event analysis and the monitoring of longer term trends. An independent set of qualified VDUs, alarms, conventional control and monitoring instrumentation is provided on the control room panels to manage the safety of the reactor and to prevent damage to costly equipment in the event that the VDUs normally used are unavailable. (1)
The Advanced Digital Control Center represents a giant leap forward in the control of power generation facilities. Sartrex, in partnership with AECL, designed this complex system and manufactured the control center for Qinshan III, China.  Sartrex continues to be the premier supplier of the Advanced Digital Control Center for new and refurbished Enhanced CANDU 6 reactors.

  (1): Enhanced CANDU 6 Technical Summary located on (2): Enhanced Candu 6 Ec6 pdf - Enhanced CANDU 6 – EC6 Overview Dr Stefan S Doerffer, PEng Atomic Energy of Canada Limited Seminar on CANDU TECHNOLOGY Warsaw, Poland January 23rd, 2007

Nuclear Power, Smart Grid, and Clean Energy Conferences in 2012

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International Conference on Power Engineering and Renewable Energy

3-5 July, 2012. Bali, Indonesia Indonesia’s demand for energy, more specifically electrical power has been growing quickly following its economic and population growth. The most challenging aspect of creating a functioning infrastructure is that Indonesia is made up of over 10,000 islands. Nuclear power plays a big role in the clean electricity on the larger islands of Indonesia and many experimental reactors are in testing for future use. Click here for more information on this conference  

 2012 IEEE Power & Energy Society General Meeting

22 – 26 July, 2012. At Manchester Grand Hyatt, San Diego, California, USA. “This premier power engineering conference will bring together practicing power engineers and academics from all over the world. The aim of the conference is to provide an international forum for experts to promote, share, and discuss various issues and developments in the field of electrical power engineering.” Click here for more information on this meeting  

IEEE International Conference on Smart Grid Engineering (SGE’12)

27-29 August, 2012. UOIT, Oshawa, Canada The deployment of a Smart Grid network is the next evolution of power distribution networks. The Smart Grids are electricity networks that promise to enhance the operational efficiency of nationwide power supply via distributed generation with bi-directional electricity flow with the least amount of negative environmental impact. Governments around the world are investing heavily in this technology to ensure optimum energy use and supply. The SGE’12 conference aims to provide an opportunity to discuss various engineering challenges of smart grid design and operation, by focusing on advanced methods and practices for designing different components and their integration within the grid, along with many other interesting topics. Click here for more information on this conference  

North American Power Symposium 2012

9-11 September, 2012. University of Illinois Chicago, Illinois, USA The 44th North American Power Symposium (NAPS) is held every year at a different university in North America and provides an open environment for participants a wide verity of backgrounds to learn more about new innovations being made along with solutions to current problems. Student are encouraged to present papers upon topics such as “analytical, computational, experimental studies aimed at solving problems related to operation, control, monitoring, protection, reliability as well as economics of power and energy systems and components” Click here for more information on this symposium  

Great Lakes Symposium

24-26 September, 2012. Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, Illinois. The second annual Great Lakes Symposium will be on the topic of Smart Grid and the New Energy Economy. “The Symposium will feature keynote and plenary sessions, technical presentations, and tutorials by international experts on smart grid applications. The Symposium is a one-of-a-kind event that breaks new ground in smart grid design and development and showcases smart grid best practices from around the country along with new technologies and ideas that are spurring innovation, growing state economies, reducing emissions and empowering consumers to conserve and save.” Attendants will have the chance to learn about new and upcoming projects along with networking with industry leaders. Click here for more information on this symposium  

Candu Energy Inc. Suppliers' Day

Thursday, September 27, 2012. Sheridan Park 2285 Speakman Drive, Mississauga, ON This event hosted by The Organization of Candu Industries (OCI) brings together manufacturers, engineers, procurement staff and other industry leaders to network and interact with Candu Energy Inc. Staff. New products and services will also be presented and booths set up to showcase upcoming products. Click here for more information on this event  

Bruce Power Suppliers' Day

Tuesday, October 23, 2012.  Bruce Power Auditorium, 177 Tie Rd, Tiverton, ON, Canada. This event hosted by Bruce Power and The Organization of Candu Industries (OCI) “brings together manufacturers, engineers, procurement staff and other industry leaders to network with Bruce Power Staff and interact with other industry professionals.” This year’s event will feature dozens of suppliers showcasing new and innovative products and services.  Click here for more information on this event  

Nuclear Power International Conference

11-13 December, 2012 in the Orange County Convention Center Orlando, Florida The sixth annual Nuclear Power International Conference, which discusses key issues like the growing global demand for energy concerns, and ones related to the environment, greenhouse gas emissions and climate change. “Emission-free, baseload nuclear power can be a viable option to address these concerns and meet growing demand for energy. The nuclear renaissance truly is underway around the world. Plants are under construction or planned in China, Russia, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, India and Europe.” Even the U.S.A is planning the expansion of its nuclear power generation systems in the very near future. Similar to previous years we have Co-located with POWER-GEN International, the attendees of both events reap the benefits of two powerful shows under one roof. Click here for more information on this conference

Sartrex Signs New Orders in excess of $1.5M

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Jay Sarkar, President and CEO of Sartrex Power Control Systems Inc. is pleased to announce the signing of several orders in excess of $1.5 M from various utilities, power plants and government research facilities. I am pleased to report that our order booking accelerated during the last two months and our backlog stands approximately at $4.2 M and growing. In addition, our Company is pleased to announce a major investment into our existing information system allowing us greater capacity at forecasting, planning and customer relationship management. Sartrex has recently added several scientists, industrial based MBA’s and engineers which has given a fresh look to our establishment by breeding a culture of innovation. Utilizing best practices through information sharing, process restructuring and enhancements to current equipment, has proved to be tremendously beneficial to our overall performance and operational efficiency. Sartrex has also recently secured a contribution agreement with the Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP) to improve and enhance our current portable Tritium-in-air Monitoring System, which is set to be complete in this fiscal year. In addition, we are currently looking to leverage our expertise into other industries. Sartrex has met with several innovation hubs which has opened up an immense amount of growth opportunities in the next couple of years. All in all, 2012 is shaping up to be a historic year for Sartrex. We are very proud of what we have accomplished so far this year, but having said that, we will always strive to continuously improve to exceed the expectations of our clients. Our goal is to remain a global leader in instrumentation and display related technology. For details regarding our products and services please contract our experienced sales team at: (905) 669-2278 Ext: 227 or 249 Or log onto our website at  

Innovate > Forward | Keynote: Larry Fitzgerald | RIC Centre

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Understanding What You Have and How to Turn it Into a New Product or Service Organized by the Research Innovation Commercialization Centre and hosted by Sheridan College, this introductory session of Innovate > Forward laid a solid foundation for the attendees. This session included two speakers Andrew Maxwell from the Canadian Innovation Centre and Larry Fitzgerald, the Site Leader and Integrated Supply Chain Director for Honeywell at the Mississauga plant. In addition to the speakers, there was an interesting demo of an automated sorter that is in its early stages of development. Andrew Maxwell posed the following question: What stops a company from being innovative? The answer: the company’s leadership. Since innovation is all about doing something differently, senior management typically place restrictions on the exploration of new ideas as they are more concerned with ensuring the way things are currently being done continues as smoothly as possible. Therefore, if companies are serious about innovation, ensuring all the leadership roles are on board is the first step. Larry Fitzgerald presented an overview of how Honeywell continues to innovate and improve business processes. Honeywell’s Innovation DNA can be broken down in to five key elements:
  1. Voice of the customer – Not only is it important to understand how your customer uses your product but also how to express their needs and wants in their own language.
  2. Integrated Product Development System – Having formalized phases of the product development cycle will ensure everyone is on the same track and is working towards to the same goal. Gate reviews are held when products move between phases allowing major stakeholders to get updated on the progress of the product.
  3. Opportunity Reviews – Every new product or innovation should be carefully examined with a range of stakeholders not just the business development staff. Creating a well-rounded discussion early in the new product cycle is key to avoid unprofitable products and highlight products that have strong profit potential.
  4. Core and Non-Core Products – Identifying what products align with the company’s vision of the future is very important. This process forces management to think about where research and development investments will be spent and which products lines should be phased out.
  5. Honeywell Operating System – Honeywell’s Operating system was deployed in the production facility in Toronto in five phases spanning four years. Each phase had well defined initiatives with the early phases focused on getting strategy defined and management on the same page. Later phases focused on employee coaching and productivity programs and tools. This deployment of their operating system was summed up in Larry’s presentation with the following: “Powerful tools with a culture to use and sustain them”.
One of the most interesting parts of Larry Fitzgerald’s presentation is when he discussed the Kaizen program. The goal is not only the continuous improvement of processes but also employee engagement. He noted that with the substantial rise in employee Kaizen initiatives over the past few years, employee satisfaction rose in tandem. Sartrex Power Control Systems is currently designing and implementing a similar Kaizen program. We are looking forward to seeing continuous process improvement results as well as increased employee engagement. Thank you to all of the organizers of Innovate > Forward, and to the guest speakers. Sartrex Power Control Systems is looking forward to the next session on February 23rd, 2012: How New Ideas are Formed and Where to Find Them

Invest In York: Innovate In York Manufacturing Conference

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The Innovate In York Manufacturing Conference was held on December 6th, 2011.  With 250 delegates in attendance there was plenty of opportunity to network and learn from industry leaders. The keynote speaker was Idris Mootee, the CEO of Idea Couture, a global strategic innovation firm with its headquarters located in Toronto, Canada.  Mr. Mootee provided an interesting take on the global business climate and detailed various insights for the manufacturers present at this forum. The year of global hyper-connectivity: The Arab spring demonstrated the power of social networks to mobilize large sections of a population.  Companies that are not embracing this new wave of technology will be at a disadvantage in the future. Expiring business model: Mr. Mootee cautioned the forum about numerous industries restructuring and how long held “truths” are no longer valid.  One example discussed is how the largest, most powerful players are no longer assured continuing success.  The primary issue with large and more mature players is their lack of ability to adapt to a continuously changing environment.  Smaller firms are inherently able to capitalize on opportunities that require a rapid rethink of how they do business.  These adjustments are required more often as uncertainties in the global economy make long term plans much harder to develop and adhere to. An Industry Breaking Point was discussed by Mr. Mootee as an important concept for industry players to be aware of.  An audience member raised the question about how to identify an industry breaking point.  The answer provided by the Mr. Mootee was - an industry breaking point occurs when a commonly held company asset turns into a liability.  The example used was aging information systems infrastructure as systems that use to be sufficient to run a corporation end up destroying value by high maintenance costs, prolonged downtime, and inadequate features for today’s evolved business climate.  This is an example of when an asset becomes a future liability which results in a dilemma for organizations: new investment vs. continuing the status quo. The last major take away from Mr. Mootee was his assertion that the future is about platforms and capabilities rather than products.  He stressed the need to develop a whole ecosystem of innovation rather than a ridged product.  The rise of platforms in software is evident with Google’s Android operating system, Salesforce’s, Facebook’s applications which have all gained steam over the past few years.  Having a strong base and allowing others to build upon it has proven to be a very successful business model in the software industry, however in the manufacturing of physical goods industry, players need to consider how best to parallel this concept. Doug Lindeblom is the Director of Economic Strategy for the regional municipality of York.  Mr. Lindeblom has been working with various stakeholders in the manufacturing industry in conjunction with Brock Dickinson to develop the Innovate York: Guide for York Region Manufacturers.   This guide will be coming out in January 2012 and will discuss manufacturing trends, existing partnerships, intellectual Property issues, funding opportunities, and more. This year’s Innovate In York conference provided practical information that will help Sartrex continue to evolve into a premium design and manufacturing company. Thank you to all the organizers!

New Appointment – Marc-James Abi-Jaoude as the Director of Innovation

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Jay Sarkar, President & CEO is please to announce the appointment of Marc-James Abi-Jaoude in the position of Director of Innovation, effective November 21, 2011. Marc-James holds a BSc in Engineering from Queens University and a MBA degree from Schulich School of Business, York University. Marc-James's duties and responsibilities will include the following and not limited to:
  • Redesign Sartrex website to include search engine optimization and on-line purchases of Sartrex products
  • Find avenues of growth
  • Find attractive industries where Sartrex can be utilized to increase revenue
  • Implement analytical software to determine "who is interested" in Sartrex product
  • Resource based evaluation of Sartrex
  • Tailor our ERP to maximize productivity and eliminate common errors
  • Creative and innovative approach
  • and other duties as assigned
As a Director he will report to the President & CEO.  We all at Sartrex welcome Marc-James, and wish him the best in his new challenging position. Sartrex is a high tech scientific instrumentation company which supplies custom designed instrumentation for power plants, military, security, and display packages markets around the world.

New Large Contracts secured by Sartrex

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Jay Sarkar, President & CEO is pleased to announce the signing of two large contracts in the amount of $3.75M to supply control and safety instrumentation for Nuclear Power Plants. The instrumentation will be custom designed, highly reliable, while meeting the highest quality standards. Sartrex is registered for ISO-9001-2008, Z299.2 , CSA, N286.2 and TSSA. With signing of these orders, Sartrex backlog stands at $5.3M as of September 29,2011. All existing orders will be delivered in fiscal 2011 and 2012. In addition, Sartrex is presently negotiating a number of other opportunities and will be announced as soon as they materialize. Our Plastic Division also secured a number of orders, which will be shipped this fiscal year. The division is continuing to make progress in sales, adding new customers in food and other related industries. Recently, Sartrex has added several high level personnel in Marketing, Engineering and Manufacturing divisions to enhance the respective division focusing on the growth of the company. Sartrex is a high tech scientific instrumentation company, supplying custom designed control and safety instrumentation for Nuclear,Military and Custom display industries. Sartrex mission is to remain as a global leader in instrumentation and display related technologies. For details, please contact our highly experienced sales and marketing team at (905) 669-2278 ext 249 or 227 for display related issues contact (905) 669-5112 or log onto

Hiring Electronics Design Engineers at Sartrex

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Job Responsibilities & Duties: DESIGN ENGINEER
  • Carry our engineering projects as assigned and design electronic control and equipment from concept through production, based on technical specification.
  • Design complex analog and digital circuits for embedded system. Write test and application firmware in C and Assembly language.
  • Develop engineering and reliability specification. Design, program and document verification tests. Prepare layout of system and components.
  • Develop prototyping, breadboarding, testing and troubleshooting. Check and approve detail drawings and documentation.
  • Qualification experience such as SEISMIC, EMI and MTBF etc. is preferred.
  • Understanding of engineering principles, calculations and methodologies.
  • Work with vendors and consultants on specification and qualifications.
  • Stay technically current in new developments in technologies used in our products.
  • Excellent oral and written communication. Ability to work with minimal supervision.
  • Maintain and support existing products.
  • ORCAD an asset
  • P.Eng is desirable
If  you are a creative self starter, who is looking for challenging opportinity and  rewarding career, join our winning team at Sartrex. Please send resume to Sharon McNelles, Human Resources Manager.

New Appointment – Shawn Sarkar as the Director of Business Development

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Jay Sarkar, President & CEO is pleased to announce the appointment of Shawn Sarkar as the Director of Business Development effective Aug 9,2011. Shawn holds B.Sc.(Hons.) and MBA from Schulich School of Business, York University. Shawn's duties and responsibilities will include the following and not limited to:
  • Identify business opportunities
  • Managing key client relationships
  • Improve Organization's market position and achieve financial growth
  • Long term strategic goal,negotiate and close business deals
  • Knowledge of current market condition
  • Delivering presentation and proposal
  • Building and maintaining important client relationships
  • Strong leadership capabilities, self motivated
  • Outstanding ability to sell and promote business
  • Strong writing and presentation skills
  • Take team approach, work well with others in pursuing common goal
As a director he will report to the President & CEO. We all at SARTREX welcome Shawn and wish him the best in this challenging position. SARTREX is a high tech scientific instrumentation company,supplying custom designed instrumentation for power,military,security and display packages(PPD) markets around the world.

Promotion: Abby Ghosh to the position of Purchasing Manager

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Jay Sarkar, President & CEO is pleased to announce the promotion of Abby Ghosh to the position of Purchasing Manager for Sartrex Inc. which includes Sartrex core business as well as Markfer Canada Thermoforming Ltd. As Purchasing Manager, Abby's duties will include the following:
  • Interpret and implement the purchasing policy
  • Identify material needs for both core and Markfer businesses
  • Procure raw materials, parts, components and other supplies from the right source, at the right time and right price
  • Access all quotations from various suppliers and place all orders based on competitive price and on time delivery basis
  • Have access to suppliers invoices, check the price and authorize payments
  • Liaise on with other departments and maintain a co-operative relationship to to facilitate specification of material required
  • Ability to develop and maintain business contacts and goodwill in order to anticipate supply difficulties and resolve when arises
  • Ability to bargain effectively and negotiate favourable terms with suppliers
  • A knowledge of human behaviour and ability to work with others
In this position, he will report to Haresh Bulsara, Director of Planning & Manufacturing effective Aug 9, 2011. We all at Sartrex and Markfer wish him all the success in his new position. Jay Sarkar, P.Eng President & CEO

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